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Faucille-Mijoux Ski School

The school is just at the heart of the regional natural reserve of Jura mountains. A protected massif low mountain range offering a nice domain in Alpine skiing.

Slopes adress the skiers of any levels in a family resort. Le Mont Rond, the mountain top offers a breaking view over Geneva, Gex, Alps, Jura and Valserine Valley.

At about 3kms from la Faucille, you will discover la Vattay, this area is dedicated to Nordic skiing over 150km of slopes.

The site is known and renowned for the quality and variety of its tracks.



    We believe that learning is above all a human adventure. Our schools are not factories and when you ski with us you are not just a number. We have 6 to 12 pupils maximum per group, even during the busy school holidays, allowing our instructors to give you the time and attention you need, and allowing you to enjoy a friendly personalised approach. 


    Our instructors are trained and certified by the National School of Skiing and Mountaineering in Chamonix, and receive additional training each year (off-piste skiing, safety, teaching technique). They are all fervent winter sports enthusiasts who are above all responsible, highly trained, professionals. All our schools offer lessons in several different languages ​​so skiers from all over the world can enjoy learning with us. 


    As any true specialist should, our instructors take into account your needs and objectives in an individual and personalised approach, to teach you in the way that fits you best, from a uniquely wide choice of lesson structures. Communication with you about you or your child’s progress is an essential part of your ski week.  

  • Meeting point La Faucille-Mijoux

    The La Faucille-Mijoux-La Vattay International Ski School is located in France at Monts-Jura La Faucille ski resort. The resort is located at La Faucille Pass (Col de la Faucille) on the RN5 between Les Rousses (Jura) and Gex (Ain).

    Office : 

    Our office is located next to the shopping center. Our receptionist Claudine will give you informations about La Faucille-Mijoux-La Vattay ESI ski school and answer your questions everyday from 8.30am to 5pm.

    The Chalet :

    La Faucille-Mijoux-La Vattay international ski school has a spacious chalet where all children are welcomed. It is located in front of the learning ground.

    To find it, follow the path till the Myrtilles T-bar ski lift and walk on the right side of the lift up to the chalet.

    Learning Ground : 

    The learning ground is located in front of the spacious chalet of the Mini-Champions.

    The learning ground is especially designed for the different levels of children and is groomed every day. There are four ski tows. 

    Students train on the learning ground until they are able to ski on the runs. Then, they will be allowed to change groups and be part of the Maxi-Champions. 

    Before skiing on the runs, the Maxi-Champions will warm up on a specially designed part of the learning ground.